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Environmental Assessment Services - Hazardous Materials Testing & Surveys


Hazardous Materials Testing & Surveys

The Air Quality Experts are dedicated to providing our clients with comprehensive Hazardous Building Material Surveys as well as Hazardous Materials Testing & Consulting services. Our surveys can outline the amount, scope, condition and type of hazardous material that may be present within a building and can be designed to include an assessment of an entire facility, or a specific area within. The most common types of materials assessed and tested include *Lead *Asbestos *Mercury *PCB’s *Silica *Bacteria & *Toxic Mold.

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Designated Substance Surveys

Legislation within the Province of Ontario specifies that there are certain regulated substances that are designated as hazardous and by the Ministry of Labor and the Occupation Health and Safety Act. There is a duty placed on building owners to properly identify the presence of these designated substances prior to any demolition or renovations. The Air Quality Experts assists our clients in the identification of these substances for proper handling, removal and disclosure purposes. We facilitate the testing and reporting of designated substances such as *Acrylonitrile (Reg.835) *Arsenic (Reg.836) *Asbestos (Reg.837 & 838) *Benzene (Reg.839) *Coke Oven Emissions (Reg.840) *Ethylene Oxide (Reg.841) *Isocyanates (Reg.842) *Lead (Reg.843) *Mercury (Reg.844) *Silica (Reg.845) & *Vinyl Chloride (Reg.846).

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Environmental Assessment Services - Designated Substance Surveys



Environmental Assessment Services - Environmental Site Assessments


Environmental Site Assessments

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments:  we help you demonstrate due diligence and assess the risk of potential environmental impact typically as a condition of financing, sale or property transfer. This non-invasive assessment of a property speaks to its environmental condition in an effort to determine the potential for environmental impact based on current and historical activities on that site, as well as that of neighboring properties.

Phase II Environmental Assessments: involves an intrusive sampling program conducted in an effort to outline the extent and nature of environmental impacts at a specific site. Typically completed as a result of recommendations made within a Phase I ESA, the Phase II ESA involves the collection of groundwater, surface water, air, soil and other samples from the site to identify and confirm the presence of environmental impact.

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Mandatory Environmental Assessment - Marijuana Grow Operation

If your building or residence has been used as a former grow operation or for other clandestine operation then you may be in need of a mandated environmental assessment. Before the power is turned back on, or the building can be deemed “fit for occupancy”, it will need a clean bill of health by a certified professional. The Air Quality Experts provide cost effective, ESA approved environmental assessment services.

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Environmental Assessment Services - Marijuana Grow Op Inspection



Environmental Assessment Services - Cleanroom Sampling & Testing


Cleanroom Sampling & Testing

Certain facilities, such as Hospitals, Pharmaceutical and specific Manufacturing companies, require rigorous testing of highly controlled environments within their buildings. A Cleanroom is an environment in which airborne particulates, contaminants or environmental pollutants that may be impactful to the production, storage or manufacturing of materials are kept within very strict limits. The Air Quality Experts work with customers to devise site specific clean room testing plans that can include, but not limited to *Airborne Particulate Sampling *Endotoxin Testing *Bio-Burden Air Sampling *Microbial Contamination Testing *Surface Testing & *Temperature/Humidity Monitoring.

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Our team of highly skilled experts and consultants can test for;
Mold - Bacteria - Radon - Asbestos - Particulates - Carbon Dioxide - Carbon Monoxide - Volatile Organic Compounds and much more!
We can test for; Mold - Bacteria - Radon - Asbestos - Particulates - Carbon Dioxide - Carbon Monoxide - Volatile Organic Compounds and much more!
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