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May 10, 2014

Do I have mold in my house?

Sneezing? Runny nose? Congestion? Allergies? If you have any of these mold related symptoms then there is a chance that there is mold growing somewhere in your home. Even if you can’t see it, mold related health problems may be creating uncomfortable and even debilitating conditions within your home.

For many people, the symptoms above are often the first sign that there may be a mold issue. Experiencing these symptoms while inside your home, and then feeling better when you leave, is an even stronger indicator that there may be mold present.

In other circumstances, when individuals do not possess a sensitivity to mold, or a pre-existing condition that would contribute to feeling the symptoms above, a “musty smell” or moldy odor may be the first clue that mold is present. The musty smell of mold is often compared to dirty socks or an “earthy” smell.

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Then there is visible mold. This can show up as black, brown or white spots (among other colors) on ceiling tiles, drywall, floor tiles and on wood to name a few. If you see spotting on these areas or materials in your home immediate action should be taken to ensure that small patches of mold are not given the opportunity to spread to other areas of your home and become a bigger problem. Small patches of visible mold growth may also be a great indicator of a much larger mold contamination growing in a place that is hidden or not visible to us.

Predicting Future Mold Growth

Water leaks, chronic moisture issues, condensation, high humidity or past flooding in your home are also excellent indicators that mold growth may be coming. If you notice water staining, discoloration or bubbling, peeling or cracking paint or drywall are just some other tell-tale signs of a moisture problem. Visible water pooling, leaks or bulging or bowed walls are also great indicators that moisture may be an issue.

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If any of these tell-tale signs of mold are present within your home, it may be time to invest in a professional mold inspection and air quality testing services. A professional mold inspection and testing provider is always an excellent return on investment since visible mold growth may mean that there is much more growth occurring somewhere out of our view.

If you suspect your mold contamination is small and you have confirmed that it is non toxic, read How to kill mold with household products.

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