Health Problems

April 5, 2015

Sleep Better During Allergy Season

Helpful Tips to Sleep Better During Allergy Season Although in most parts of the country the weather is not reflective of the season yet…spring has already sprung!  The spring season officially made its debut on March 20th, and with it came the promise of longer …

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March 27, 2015

Managing High Home Humidity

Handing Risks: Managing High Home Humidity Levels The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) specifies that there are a number of health problems and respiratory issues that can be associated with poor indoor air quality within our homes.  Allergies, ear/nose/throat irritations, asthma, headaches and nausea are just a few …

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March 18, 2015

Spring Clean: Reducing Chemicals and Pollutants in Your Home

Spring Clean: Reduce Chemicals and Pollutants in Your Home These days, homeowners are getting smarter and more informed. Over the years, we have become well versed in asking educated questions about the products and materials we bring into our home environments which may cause pollutants to …

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February 28, 2015

Carbon Monoxide Prevention Tips

Winter Weather, Snow and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: A Cautionary Tale   It seems this winter weather is never ending….and, in much of Canada at least; the snow levels keep getting higher and higher, with bitter cold preventing many outdoor activities. February hit us very hard …

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February 22, 2015

Lung Cancer Risk Factors

Know Your Risk Factors: How Clean Air Can Help Prevent Lung Cancer Breathe deep! Is the air you are breathing clean? Is it free from harmful contaminants or carcinogens? Not everyone who is diagnosed with lung cancer is a smoker, and although that small, nicotine …

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January 12, 2015

Is It a Cold, Flu, or Sick Building Syndrome

Is it a Cold, Flu, or Sick Building Syndrome? Across the Northern Hemisphere, the winter months are un-affectionately known as Cold and Flu Season. Along with our hats, scarves and winter coats, the winter months may also bring out a whole slew of other unwanted …

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May 10, 2014

Do I have mold in my house?

Sneezing? Runny nose? Congestion? Allergies? If you have any of these mold related symptoms then there is a chance that there is mold growing somewhere in your home. Even if you can’t see it, mold related health problems may be creating uncomfortable and even debilitating …

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May 9, 2014

Mold Exposure Health Problems

How do molds affect people? Some people are sensitive to molds while others have a higher tolerance. For those people with sensitivities, common symptoms of mold exposure include nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, wheezing, or skin irritation. Symptoms of exposure to more toxic molds include:

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We can test for; Mold - Bacteria - Radon - Asbestos - Particulates - Carbon Dioxide - Carbon Monoxide - Volatile Organic Compounds and much more!
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